10 / 2018

What happens when noiserock meets electro? - Grün. The band approached me to design their first album cover. After a quick brainstorm session we decided that the cover should be dark, intense and emanate RAVE (an electronic music dance party). Hence the raving raven.


Hello Mats

01 / 2018

Hello Mats are unique, varicoloured doormats that are made in Austria. Their brand identity was created with a happy welcoming theme in mind. We've chosen magenta as the main colour considering that it clashes lovely with their flashy lime green mats. Going from only their doormats I've created a product movie using primarily motion design. (commissioned by KOTI)



09 / 2017

Motivational cartoons for the upcomming Aviso+ calendar 2018. Sometimes we all need some light, happy images to help us through the day. Thanks to illustrations we can express ourselves on a more personal level, through humor for example. I've made these cartoons with office jokes in mind, using office supplies as the main characters.



07 / 2016

After working on the logo for Huisartsenwachtpost (GP Out Of Hours Centre) I was asked to create the logo for the Noord-Limburgse Huisartsenkring (GP Collective). The GP Collective is a collaboration of all GP out of hours centres in Limburg. They asked for a logo that could be used together with that of the Huisartsenwachtpost.


Billboard brushes

01 / 2016

KOTI produces technical and industrial brushes. The most recognizable brush would be the strip brush (revolving doors, escalators, etc.). For every brush type I've came up with a slogan that plays along nicely with the products name.



05 / 2015

For Gyta I created a logo that consists of PCB circuit lines. These lines give the logo a technical look and feel, while the three rings represent different IT solutions. Gyta can help you find the best solution for your app and make it reality.


Exploding head syndrome

03 / 2015

CD cover I designed for the new Exploding Head Syndrome album by The Strzebonsky Noizescene, an alternative bass & drum band from Leuven, Belgium. If you’re into killer riffs, pumped up drums and screeching vocals topped of with a massive noisy bass sound, Strzebonsky might just be your cup of tea. Recognize the chimps? They are based on the vintage cymbal-banging Jolly Chimp toy.


Yumax Consulting Group

08 / 2013

Yumax Consulting Group provides technical advice to the pig farming industry, and they knew exactly what they wanted their logo to be: a jumping horse. Their expertise extends way beyond just pig farms, which is their current core business.



06 / 2013

GP Out Of Hours Centre 'Noord-Limburg' is an initiative by general practitioners based in Overpelt, Neerpelt, Hamont-Achel, Hechtel-Eksel, Bocholt, and Peer. The centre aims to provide health care to patients during the weekends and holidays. The 'T' in the logo could be seen as a cross or a doctor in scrubs.


Everyone on the Scale

01 / 2013

Young or old, thick or thin… This logo was designed to inspire anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle. The logo represents three different people standing on a scale working together as a group or one person making progress.


Digital Paintings 2

01 / 2013

Sometimes I like to mess around in Photoshop, testing out different kinds of brushes resulting in interesting compositions and ideas for later on.



11 / 2012

Digital paintings I made inspired by Japanese calligraphy.


What Remains

06 / 2012

For the last 40 years Earth has been under constant attack by a series of natural disasters. When mankind was on the verge of extinction, nature finally calmed down. Survivors started building a new society. Sadly, they built one that lives in fear...



03 / 2012

EP Covers I designed for The Strzebonsky Noizescene. The black and white represent the duo while the rough layout and logo design represent their noisy punk rock sound.


OSIS+ Rockhard Hair Gel ad - Schwarzkopf

01 / 2012

A 10-second ad in which I wanted to test out greenscreen footage together with some motion design, resulting in a clean, quick, low-budget ad made within a day.


Digital Paintings 1

12 / 2011

A couple of compositing exercises I did during my VFX studies.


Dextro Energy

09 / 2011

TV spots for Dextro Energy - Be the best you can be.


Illustrated Advertisements

09 / 2011

Sometimes we all need some light, happy images to help us through difficult times. Thanks to illustrations we can express ourselves on a more personal level, through humor for example.